In Shakespeare’s account, Richard III’s last words were “A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” Five hundred years later, it wasn’t just any horse the Queen of  England chose to ride, it was a skewbald, a specific type of coloured horse. The coat of a coloured horse has large patches of brown, white, and/or black and white. This makes them very special and very popular.

At Hasenacher Stud we breed coloured horses from Warmblood pedigrees that have proved themselves in international sport. We place great importance on foal breeding programmes that focus on the needs of these foals, which grow to maturity in well maintained, spacious fields. This is because we are convinced that the skills required for a successful path in life are acquired early. In this, as in much else, horses are not that different to people.

There has been a farm at Hasenacher for over a hundred years. The opening of the Hasenacher Stud in July 2015 safeguards Hasenacher for the future. Now horses are – quite literally – adding extra colour to the farm, beside the fruit trees and the cattle. As the stud is built up, more horses are being added to our portfolio.
I am delighted that you are interested in the horses and products from Hasenacher. You will find all the information that you need on our website. We would be happy to meet you in person at the Stud should you be interested to buy one of our horses or indeed if you would like to try our own grass-fed beef.

Barbara Keller Owner and Director of the Hasenacher Stud