Breeding Features

At Hasenacher Stud we breed competition Warmbloods for jumping and eventing. The Warmblood horse is the most popular riding horse worldwide as it combines two basic  characteristics in an optimum way: the strength and the endurance of the heavy Draught horse (cold bloods) and the speed and agility of the Thoroughbred (together with the Arabian, hot bloods).  These definitions have nothing to do with body temperature: the temperatures of cold, warmblood and thoroughbred are always around 38°C.

Our Warmbloods are sourced from well established horse-breeding regions: from Oldenburg, home of one of the largest German horse breeding associations, from the United Kingdom and from Ireland. The coloured Irish sport horse, which is officially called the Coloured Horse in Ireland, is a good-natured horse with a big heart, excellent jumping talents and a noble appearance.

It is this cross of the stocky Irish Draught horse with the athleticism of the English Thoroughbred that produces a colourful palette and the other, much sought-after, features. In fact, the Irish Sport Horse is an ideal partner for eventing and also perfect as a family horse.
Eventing is one of three Olympic equestrian disciplines. It is recognized as the king’s discipline, so-called as both horse and rider have to excel in dexterity in the dressage arena, in cross-country and also in showjumping.
The most obvious defining characteristics of the stock are the colour and the pattern of the horse’s coat. In England and Ireland, coloured horses are distinguished between piebald and skewbald. A piebald has large, irregular patches of black and white on a white base; a skewbald is defined as a horse with a white base coat mixed with any other colour except black e.g bay and white, chestnut and white or grey and white.